After-School Art Class

The Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art’s After School Art Classes offer
a unique environment for learning and After-School Art instructor Linda Dixon helps a student create a clay coil pot.creativity.  Students view and learn from the Museum’s permanent collection of art spanning 8,000 years of human history, as well as the many unique special exhibitions.  Students then use the techniques they see and ideas they discuss to create wildly magnificent art!  

The program consists of two semesters, each with 3 five-week sessions
(15 weeks total).  There is one class per week.  Students may enroll for the entire year or for one or more sessions.  Classes fill quickly.  

Tuition for the class is per session.  There is no registration fee.

After-School Art is cancelled for inclement weather if Shawnee Schools or SGU are cancelled.  
Makeup days will be scheduled for each session independently.

2017-2018 Class Lineup:

Realistic Drawing with R.E. Carlberg
September 5 - October 3
Tuesdays  4:00-5:00 (ages 7-8), 5:15-6:15 (ages 9-10),
6:30-7:30 (ages 11-18)
The class is designed to familiarize the student with using pencils for black and white drawing. Student will also learn shading techniques such as hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling.

Landscapes with Jude Delaney
October 10 – November 7
Tuesdays  4:00-5:00 (ages 7-8), 5:15-6:15 (ages 9-10), 
6:30-7:30 (ages 11-18)
Students will study the compositions of landscape and learn the elements of design to create their own landscapes using a variety of art mediums. 

Theater Class: Teens/Tween with Valeria Barrientos (ages 11-18)
November 2 - December 7 (no class Nov. 23)
Thursdays 5:00-6:30 (ages 12-18)
No prerequisite classes or skills required.
Details to come.

Illustrating Egypt on Scrolls with Alisha Weston
November 14 – December 19 (no Class Nov. 28)
Tuesdays  4:00-5:00 (ages 7-8), 5:15-6:15 (ages 9-10),
6:30-7:30 (ages 11-18)
The students will create their own story-telling scrolls while learning about ancient Egypt.

Ceramic Pots, Boxes, and Bowls with John Bartos
Jan 9, 2018 - Feb 6, 2018
Tuesdays  4:00-5:00 (ages 7-8), 5:15-6:15 (ages 9-10),
6:30-7:30 (ages 11-18)
Details to come.  

*NEW* African Hand Drumming with Jahruba
Jan 11, 2018 - Feb 8, 2018 
Thursdays 5:00-6:30 (ages 7-18)
Performance at 6 on Thursday, Feb 8, 2018. Please arrive by 5:45.
No prerequisite classes or skills required.
During this class, students will learn the hand techniques to make basic
drumming sounds, learn to 
play African rhythms, and to playing with a drum circle.   

Mosaics with Debra Christian
February 13, 2018 - March 13, 2018
Tuesdays 5:15-6:15 pm (ages 7-10) and 6:30-7:30 (ages 11-18)
The students will be shown how to cut the tile, how to use colors in their mosaic, and be given information on how to grout a mosaic.

Primitive Characters & Whimsical Creatures with Raynebeaux Shell
April 17, 2018 - May 15, 2018
Tuesdays  4:00-5:00 (ages 7-8), 5:15-6:15pm (ages 9-10),
6:30-7:30 (ages 11-18)
Be inspired by Indigenous art of Australia, Africa and the Americas.  Using
prismacolors and pastels, students will create unique characters and creatures.

Theater Class: Acting with Valeria Barrientos (ages 7-12)
April 19, 2018 - May 17 
Thursdays 5:00-6:30 
No prerequisite classes or skills required.
Details to come.




Please arrive by 5:20 pm. The performances, art shows and receptions are free & open to the public.  

  • Fall Semester Art Show and theater performance: 5:30 pm 12/14/2017 
  • Spring Semester art show and theater performance: 5:30 pm 05/22/18

All class artwork will be held for the art show at the end of the semester and will be released on the day of the show, following the reception.  If you will not be at the show to pick up your child’s work, please make arrangements in advance to pick it up.  Work left after January 30 (fall class) or June 30 (spring class) will become the property of the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art.  To make arrangements, please contact the MGMoA education department.

Tuition Cost

$70 per 5-week session (members)

$80 per 5-week session (non-members)

There is NO registration fee.  
Supplies are included.

Scholarships are available:
for students receiving free or reduced-price lunches, SoonerCare, or other assistance.  

Discount for sibling enrollment
( 2 kids -$12, 3 kids -$24)

Payments are due by the
1st class of each session.  
Students are not enrolled in the session until payment is received.

Transportation is not provided. 
Please arrange to transport your child to/from the museum for classes. Do not drop off your child more than 5 minutes early unless you stay with him/her.

Children must be signed in and
out at the front desk.
  Children may sign in, but they must be signed out by a guardian or guardian-approved person(16+).

Questions or Comments?  Please contact the MGMoA Education Department.

Inclement Weather Policy:

The MGMoA will cancel art classes and (most likely) close to the public whenever Shawnee Public Schools or St. Gregory's University close due to inclement weather.  If there is a threat of severe weather, classes may be canceled.  Please call 405-878-5300 to confirm.

Tuition prices are the same regardless if classes are canceled for inclement weather.  Free make-up classes will be offered at the end of each session to offset the tuition charged for any canceled classes.

Please check class calendar for inclement weather make-up days.

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