After-School Art Class

After-School Art is cancelled if Shawnee Schools are cancelled.  Makeup days will be scheduled for the Spring.

The Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art’s After School Art Classes offer a unique environment for learning and creativity.  Students view and learn from the Museum’s permanent collection of art spanning 8,000 years of human history, as well as the many unique special exhibitions.  Students then use the techniques they see and ideas they discuss to create wildly magnificent art!  

The program consists of two semesters, fourteen weeks each, with one class per week.  Students may enroll for the entire year or for one semester.  Classes fill quickly.  Students who attend the fall semester class, and students on the fall waiting list, will be given preference for enrollment in the spring semster class.

Tuition for the class is figured by the total number of classes; however, it is divided into a monthly sum for convenience.  There will be more classes in some months than others, as a result of class holidays.

Tuition Cost

 $25.00 fall/spring Registration Fees   

$45.00  monthly tuition  ($40.00 Museum members)

Discounts on tuition of 10% for 2 enrolled siblings, 15% for 3+ enrolled siblings.

Scholarships available for students receiving free or reduced-price lunches.

Payments are due by the 1st of each month.

Transportation is not provided. 
Please arrange to transport your child to/from the museum for classes.
Do not drop off your child more than 5 minutes early unless you stay with him/her.

Children must be signed in/out at the front desk. 

2013-2014 Class Schedule:

Tuesdays        3:30 - 4:30      7 yr. - 8yr.

Tuesdays       4:30 - 5:30       9 yr. - 10 yr.

Thursdays       4:00 - 5:00      11 yr. - 18 yr. 

2013-2014 Class Calendar:

Fall classes: Sept. 3 - Dec. 19

Spring classes: Jan. 7—April 17

No classes:  10/15-17, 11/26-28, 12/24-31, 1/2, 3/18-20

Inclement Weather Policy:

The MGMoA will cancel art classes and (most likely) close to the public whenever Shawnee Public Schools or St. Gregory's University close due to inclement weather.  If there is a threat of severe weather, classes may be canceled.  Please call 405-878-5300 to confirm.

Monthly tuition prices are the same regardless if classes are canceled for inclement weather.  Free make-up classes will be offered to offset the tuition charged for any canceled classes.

Inclement weather make up days: April 22, April 24, April 29

Art Show:

We are exploring the option of holding 2 art shows this year.  More information forthcoming.

Fall Semester art show and reception: January 

Spring Semester art show and reception: May 9, 7pm (with Barbara Cleary: Natural Journey reception)

The art shows and receptions are free & open to the public.  

All class artwork will be held for the art show at the end of the semester and will be released on the day of the show, following the reception.  If you will not be at the show to pick up your child’s work, please make arrangements in advance to pick it up.  Work left after January 30 (fall class) or May 30 (spring class) will become the property of the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art.  To make arrangements, please contact the MGMoA education department.

After-School Art instructor Linda Dixon helps a student create a clay coil pot.

Instructor and artist Linda Dixon helps a student create a clay coil pot in After-School Art class.


Questions or Comments?  Please contact the MGMoA Education Department.

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