Start with Art: Context and Concepts

Specifically geared toward 7th-12th graders, Start with Art: Context and Concepts uses artworks in the Museum's collection as departure points for deeper examinations and discussions of world cultures.      

Each Start with Art: Context and Concepts program is approximately 2 hours in length and includes two-three components: a guided tour, an art project, and an activity (contingent upon group size).  Each component requires 30-45 minutes.  


  • Guided Tour:  During Context and Concepts, a museum educator or volunteer docent gives students a 30-45 minute guided tour of the permanent collection, with most of the tour focused in the selected program area (Egypt, Classical, Medieval, etc.).  The focused tours allow students to make several visits to the museum, experiencing something new each time.  The shorter touring time also leaves students wanting more.  

    A longer guided tour of the permanent collection (up to 1 hour) can be arranged for groups of 50 students or less.  However, all groups are invited to spend additional time in the galleries after the program ends, provided that the gallery is not reserved for another group and with the condition that students are escorted at all times by the appropriate number of adult chaperones.


  • Art Project:  The art projects completed at the museum during Context and Concepts are specific to the selected program area.  All of the student art projects are sent back to the school with the teacher when the group departs the museum.  The projects are designed for ease of transit (no wet paint or glue, soft clay, etc.). The MGMoA does not recommend distributing art works on the bus where they may suffer damage.  During the museum visit, chaperones are encouraged to help the art project instructor facilitate the project (pass out supplies, etc.) and to assist students with their art projects.


  •  Activity:  Like the art projects, the activities are specific to the selected program areas.  The activities are educational, each accentuating the information presented during the program, and enhancing the students’ critical thinking skills.  The activity could be an educational game, a tour of a temporary exhibit, an observation-based discussion, or another activity.  The elimination of the activity may occur at the discretion of the Curator of Education and/or the lead teacher due to the size of the visiting group or other factors.

Experience Context and Concepts:

Context and Concepts programs are only $3 per student, which includes admission fees and supplies.  Chaperones are admitted free; please provide one chaperone per every 10 students.  Scholarships are available for program fees and busing expenses.  Please visit for more information about visiting the museum and to schedule your class for Context and Concepts. 

Questions or Comments?  Please contact the MGMoA Education Department.

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