Earth Chronicles: Oklahoma

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Thanks to the support of museum donors, an innovative collaboration called the Earth Chronicles Project is coming to Oklahoma with a documentary, an exhibit at the museum, and accompanying educational programs.

Fran Hardy, M.Ed., artist and educator, and Bob Demboski, filmmaker, are producing a series of documentaries that illustrate the intersection of art, creativity, ecological sustainability and cultural preservation in different regions of the United States. Fran’s work has been featured in six museum exhibitions including a retrospective and two traveling shows. Bob comes from a long career in television and filmmaking with such clients as The Oprah Show, Bravo, Discovery Channel, HBO, and behind the scenes work on feature films.

Combining their unique skills to produce educational documentaries, Fran and Bob interview a variety of creative individuals in different professions about their approach to conserving the environment. The documentarians also visit those places that tell a unique story about the conservation and preservation of natural beauty and resources. Through their work, Fran and Bob hope to offer creative solutions to conservation and inspire action.

The documentaries air on PBS stations across the country, at museums in conjunction with installations by Fran and other featured artists, and at botanical gardens. Thanks to the generosity of the Earth Chronicles Project, the documentaries are being used as educational tools by various groups. For more information about the documentary visit:  

To see Fran Hardy’s art, go to  Much of her work focuses on elaborate and otherworldly large-scale drawings of ancient trees and forests, and their interpretation into paintings.


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The Earth Chronicles Project,
The Artist's Process: Oklahoma

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