Creatures of the World: Animals in Art

animals in art

July 14 - August 26


Animals have been interlinked with humans since the dawn of time. They have been our friends, companions, and enemies. Also, domestication of animals helped build cities and provide food.  Many Native American tribes tell stories where animals control the human destiny.  Since animals have played an enormous role in our lives, they have been depicted in all types of artwork and have even become symbols of human characteristics.

Our fascination with animals will be displayed in Creatures of the World: Animals in Art. This is an encyclopedic exhibit showcasing ways animals are portrayed in art.  It highlights many different cultures and time periods and includes several different mediums.

From Hittite bulls to Apache horses, you will see how animals have influenced our view of art.  These will be depicted on stone, basketry, and paintings.

This exhibition is funded in part by Allied Arts, Oklahoma Arts Council, Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Wissinger Memorial Fund, the National Endowment for the Arts, and members and donors like you.  Find out how you can support the museum.

Enjoy FREE ADMISSION to this exhibit and to the museum's permanent exhibits throughout June, July, and August!

Kids, make Creative Creatures & Critters this summer in Creative Arts Camps and Primary Partners (open to kids ages 3-13).

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