2013 Regional Art Exhibition Participant Information



The exhibit will be featured at the museum November 9-24, 2013.

We hope that you will join us and other artists across the state in using your talent for art to help. You can participate by submitting an artwork (or two) that references recycling or sustainable living or is simply made of recycled materials.  The artwork can be 2-D or 3-D and the choice of media is up to you (old magazines, flyers, cans, computer parts, and general “junk”—as long as it is repurposed, remade, or re-imagined). 

Traditional or creative, professional or hobbyist, adult or student, this exhibition is open to all Oklahoma artists who keep our planet at heart, so please spread the word!  There are no age requirements, and student/youth work is encouraged.  Group registration is available for schools and classes.

The Museum would be delighted if you would unite with us in this effort of goodwill by submitting one or two artworks for the exhibition.  Please reference the links to the right for the submission guidelines, loan conditions, and the event schedule. 

The initial registration form is due by October 4 (this is a promise to participate--no specific information about the artwork is required).  Later registrations will be accepted, but participation cannot be guaranteed, it will depend on space availability.  Artwork must be delivered to the museum October 31-November 3.

Artwork must be picked up November 25-27.

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