Off the Wall

Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art

Off the Wall

Off The Wall

April 2018 

One $50 ticket includes:
  • One ARTWORK (donated by a local artist)
  • Admission for 2 to enjoy hors d’oeuvres, desserts, drinks and entertainment
UPGRADE for a better chance to win your FAVORITE artwork!

Three drawing pools are available:
  • Regular Pool (1 ticket = $50 total)
  • Sprinter’s Pool (1 ticket + $50 = $100 total)
  • Eat-My-Dust Pool (1 ticket + $100 = $150 total)
The random drawings begin with the Eat-My-Dust pool, proceed with the Sprinter’s Pool and end with the Regular Pool.
Thank You 2017 Donating Artists!
Pauline Asbury, Phyllis Barker, Gene Beavers, Jessica Bellamy, Ashley Berry, Bob Berry, Kelly Berry, Alexandra BigEagle, Julie Marks Blackstone, Theresa Bragg, Jaretta Buchanan, Susan Burnett, Becky Carlberg, Mary Jane Cannon, Joel Carmichael, Jonetta Cates, Debra Christian, Megan Clement, Susie Clinard, Link Cowen, Sheryl Cozad, Cody Deem, Jude Delaney, Bill Denney, Linda Dixon, Douglas Gordon, Rae Ann Gossett, Diana Hall, Lois Harp, Vernon Hatley, Barbara Hertz, Steve Hicks, Gary Houlette, Cary Huff, Nancy Hunter, Paula Jones, Cece Kemp, Kelly Kirk, Mary Ellen Lackey, Sammi Lawhon, Yoko Loftis, DeRenda Moore, Fraye Nellums, Larry Peery, Stan Pollard, Kelly Reed, Jason Reimer, Patrick Riley, Ike Roberts, Dr. Madeline Rugh, Dr. Barbara Scott, Debbie Stubsten, Michi Susan, Barbara Taber, Daryl Talbot, James Vaughn III, Lisa Vernon, Nelda Ward, Ann Way, Michael Way, Olivia Wilson, Wes Windel, Jenny Woodruff, LeAnne Wright

Special donations from: Megan Clement, Kelly Kirk, Daniel Lay, Ben Pickard & Michi Susan

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