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Thousands of Head-Start through 12th-grade students visit the MGMoA annually.  Most of the visiting students participate in one of the museum's art-integrated student programs.  Each of the programs combine museum activities and classroom activities for an exceptional learning experience.

The MGMoA's student programs are available for public school, private school, and home-school students.  A group of 10 students is the minimum number of participants required for the museum activities.

The cost per student for these programs is $2 - $3.  Scholarships are available to assist visiting classes with museum fees and busing expenses. 


Expedition Art
Individually tailored program for head start - 2nd grade students

Start with Art
Art-integrated program for 3rd - 6th grade students 

Context and Concepts
Arts-integrated program for 7th - 12th grade students 

Observation-Based Discussions
Observation-based discussions are applicable for all ages.  Observation-based discussions can take place at the museum or in the classroom, and may be combined with other museum programs.


Questions or Comments?  Please contact the MGMoA Education Department.

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