Traveling Treasure Troves

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The MGMoA has several Traveling Treasure Troves available to school and home-school educators.   They contain books, music, videos, posters, and other education resources.  These are wonderful tools to utilize in enhancing students' learning experiences.  It is also a great way to prepare for a field trip to the MGMoA!

Treasure Troves are available free of charge for a two week period.  The trove will be mailed to you or you may make arrangements to pick it up.  You can drop it off at the museum or ship it free through FED EX.

Available Travel Troves:

Tu Tu's Travel Trove (Ancient Egypt)
This trove is the perfect companion for enhancing studies of ancient Egypt.  It includes a video, audio CD, games, books, colorful pictures, posters, a time line, and a teacher's activity guide. Appropriate for K-6th grade. 

Classical World Travel Trove (Ancient Greece and Rome)
Students studying ancient Greece and Rome will enjoy having their studies enhanced by the treasures in this trove!  It includes two DVDs on ancient Greece and Rome, ancient Greek music, audio readings of Greek mythology, four posters concerning Greek/Roman mythology, an ancient game, activity guides and many books.  Appropriate for 2nd-6th grades.

Medieval Europe Travel Trove 
Discover the Dark Ages with this incredible trove.  It contains a Power Point presentation of the MGMoA's medieval artifacts, a video about medieval history, period music, a variety of books, four posters (the medieval church, knights, manor life, and the medieval town), a traveling chess game, activity guides and a wealth of books.  Appropriate for 2nd-6th grades.

For an exact list of travel trove contents, please view the printable forms.

Questions or Comments?  Please contact the MGMoA Education Department.

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