Modern and Contemporary Art

Modern and Contemporary Art

Since the MGMoA was founded by an artist, Fr. Gerrer, who was very active in supporting the arts and artists in the surrounding community, we feel it is important to continue that legacy. We have been actively collecting, primarily through donation, pieces by Oklahoma artists since 2002. Our Modern and Contemporary gallery features art primarily by Oklahoma artists and in a wide variety of mediums.

Modern and Contemporary Art

Urban Anthology by George Oswalt

George Oswalt, a former teacher at Oklahoma City University, sees his “paintings as performances.” He once said, “meaning is the mystery, the enigma to be solved.” Urban Anthology by George Oswalt is a great conversation starter. What is going on here? Is the woman coming or going? What is happening? What is your theory?

Teapot by Montee Hoke

Montee Hoke was a legendary potter in Oklahoma. He taught generations of young potters in Harding High School, Del City High School, Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, and Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford. Montee said of teaching, “I will never stop teaching – my students keep my art alive. Every year they ask new questions…every day I search for answers. Of one thing I am sure, when I stop learning and sharing and teaching, I’ll stop creating.” This teapot is a simple yet timeless design. It looks like something created today, but Montee created this teapot in the 1960s.

Poem by Michi Susan

Michi Susan was born in Japan, but has spent most of her adult life as an artist in Oklahoma. Her heritage is illustrated in her use of papers and calligraphy. In Poem, she skillfully manipulates the paper into a base and a long fringe hanging on top. A strip of Japanese calligraphy peaks out from the white paper fringe. Gold is used as an accent in this otherwise mostly black and white piece. She combines a traditional medium with a modern art aesthetic.

Organic by Laurie Spencer

Organic by Laurie Spencer is a whistling pot. The museum has several traditional Mesoamerican whistling pots on display in the Art of the Americas exhibit {link to Ancient Art of the Americas page}. Like the traditional versions, this one creates sound when one blows on the spout. Organic is not meant to look like one specific flower or vegetable, but an amalgam of many different ones. Laurie writes, “I am interested in using sound as the voice of the sculpture. It is a means of giving my pieces a sense of life. They are not meant as musical instruments but rather as organic ‘living’ sensuous forms.”

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