Start With Art: Ancient Egypt

Start With Art: Ancient Egypt

Guided Tour of Egyptian Exhibit

The guided tour focuses on the museum’s ancient Egyptian exhibits, particularly the mummies and canopic jars. Topics of discussion may include: ancient Egyptian civilization and culture, the mummification process, religious beliefs and mythology, geography, and government.

Hands On! Students get to touch artifacts from the education collection.

Topics and content are modified to be age appropriate for students in 2nd-12th grades.

Egyptian Art Activity

Students create a clay cartouche (name plate) from oven-bake clay and embellish it with their names written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Students learn how Egyptians wrote phonetically. The cartouches are baked on site and sent home immediately with teachers for distribution at school.

Alternate art activities may be suggested for groups that include younger students. These may include clay scarab beetles or mummy masks.

Visual Thinking Strategies™

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a student-centered discussion method grounded in decades of research and testing. The method uses discussions of art to expand critical thinking skills. Students will use VTS to discuss additional artworks in the gallery.

Learn more about VTS | Get trained in VTS

Extend the Experience

Check out the Egyptian traveling treasure trove or download the education guide to experience the museum in the classroom.

The travel trove includes video, music, games, books, posters, and more! You can borrow it for free for 2 weeks. The museum covers to/from shipping.

The education guide includes suggestions for corresponding activities in all curriculum areas.

Check out a Treasure Trove
Download the Education Guide

Field Trip Information

  • Reservation required 2 weeks in advance—one month or more is recommended for optimum scheduling.
  • 10 participating children are required. Limited to 75 children. Appropriate for ages 4-18.
  • FREE with a scholarship from MGMoA Fund-A-Program. Regular price is $3 per student. School groups traveling by bus or van are eligible for up to $200 reimbursement for bus transportation.
  • 1 chaperon per 10 kids is required and admission is waived. Additional adults are $4 each.

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