Check Gallery and Photography Guidelines

Check Gallery and Photography Guidelines

Gallery Guidelines

  • Curiosity is a wonderful thing, but something as simple as a touch can leave acids, oils and residue on very valuable objects that may not be able to be removed. Please do not touch artwork in the galleries.
  • Please remain an arm's-length distance from any uncovered artworks (paintings, artifacts that are not under glass, etc.). Please be mindful of your gestures.
  • No food or drinks (including candy and gum) are permitted in the galleries.
  • Permanent writing utensils are not allowed in the gallery; pencils are available at the reception desk.
  • Backpacks and large bags/purses (9”x12”x6”) are not allowed in the galleries. You may leave them at the front desk.
  • While we understand the importance of communication, the use of cell phones can be very disruptive to other visitors. Please do not make or receive calls in the galleries. If you receive, or need to make a call, please exit the gallery for the duration of your phone call.
  • We ask that you keep an eye on your children at all times. Unattended children are not allowed in the galleries. Please keep your children with you at all times.


  • Photographs for personal use are allowed of the permanent collection, but no flash please.
  • In order to allow others clear pathways, no tripods are allowed.
  • Commercial photography must be pre-arranged with the museum.
  • Museum staff reserves the right to prohibit the use of camera or video if it is a disruption and/or perceived that it might endanger works of art or museum patrons.
  • No selfie sticks.


  • Sketching is permitted only in the permanent collection galleries. Please be extremely careful with your drawing tools; show respect for the artwork and your fellow visitors. We allow “dry” media only: pencils, wax crayon, and erasers. Pens, loose ink, fountain pens, oil crayon, paint (including watercolors), easels or stands, and charcoal or pastel are not allowed.

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